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spn_north's Journal

Supernatural Canada Fic Challenge
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Welcome to spn_north, the Canadian Supernatural fic challenge. This community was inspired by and is the brother sister community of spn_50states. Like spn_50states, this is all about what's at the heart of Supernatural - urban legends and the open road. But the twist here is, we're writing about locations in Canada.

Claim any location in Canada and write a Supernatural fic about that. Think about the challenge of getting the Winchesters to Canada, about what makes your location unique - the mood, the geography and the local myths and legends.

Challenge Guidelines

1. Your fic can be gen, slash, anything at all. Please include a header when posting and label/warn accordingly. Example:
Pairing, if any:
Warnings: (slash, wincest, etc)
Location Claim:

2. Stories are due August 15, 2006.

3. The story must be at least 750 words.

4. You can post your fic to the community, or post a link to the fic on your own journal or website. Please remember cut tags if you post to the community.

Challenge sign-up

Sign up for an available location by commenting on the claims post here.

Have fun!
Questions or comments can also be directed to jetpants or supesfan88.